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freelance writer “Curiosity is the very basis of education and if you tell me that curiosity killed the cat, I say only the cat died nobly.”
Arnold Edinborough

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Karla's writing is intimate, honest and straight from the heart. She isn't afraid to put something of herself in her writing and it's this quality that makes her reviews engaging and enjoyable to read. Second to this, she is highly reliable and never misses a deadline.

Anne-Marie Peard, Editor, Aussie Theatre
Karla manages all copywriting for Touch Networks, which has enabled us to improve and streamline the professionalism of all internal and external communication for the business; this includes the website, extranets and all company documentation.

We had a bulletin that was sent to 10,500 merchants each quarter, informing them of product updates, and I knew that with Karla's writing talent we could build this to a professional and informative industry publication that our suppliers wanted to invest in. It is now a forty-page magazine with two feature articles, numerous interviews, comprehensive rate tables and regular notices, all enabling us to generate substantially more revenue.

Jo Wenzel - Manager, Marketing and Supplier Management, Touch Networks

Karla volunteered with the ASRC's Marketing and Communications team for nearly 12 months. During this time, she was instrumental in helping us develop, manage and launch our monthly Supporter eBulletin.  Karla's support was invaluable and without Karla the Supporter eBulletin would not have happened and we would be missing a key part of our communication strategy.

Jana Favero – Communications Manager, ASRC

Without Karla, who wrote and edited copy and generally was an amazingly calm and professional presence under deadline pressure, we would have been sunk. You want her on your side.

Bradley Dawson - Co-Producer, White-Ant journal

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